Supporting the project

The way to support

This journey was started with a $500 donation from Margareta Ferroni and Louis Bukhod of Switzerland in Dec of 2006. To them I am truly grateful. 
The project has continued to be funded by generous donation. Donations can usually are made in person or through my bank account.|
– For those living in Iran it is easy to make a donation to my account at Bank Melli.
– For those living anywhere else in the world, you can donate directly to my account at the ANZ bank of Australia.  Details below.
I greatly appreciate your participation in this project, together we can make our world greener!

Mohammad Tajeran

ANZ Bank Australia
BSB : 013 011
Account No : 7640 75619
Swift code : ANZBAU3M
Mohammad Tajeran

Bank Melli Iran
Account No: 0301521326001
Card No : 6037 9918 7629 9656
Mohammad Tajeran

Donate a Tree

One day I met a person on a train for 8 min whom who became a close friend afterward. later via an email she asked me to plant a tree for her.
I had an idea, I would plant a tree for her at the university I was about to visit.  Within a few days I was standing with students at Marmara University planting a tree together.  This was a
wonderful feeling for me.  And I would like to do it for more people.So if you would like to have a tree planted in your name, someone else’s name, or your school/business name, just fill in the form below.  It can also be that I plant one on your birthday, anniversary, etc.  I will send you a picture of the tree, along with the location so you could one day visit the tree.  It may be possible for you to choose the location, depending on my travel plans.

Person or organization the tree is honoring: ( your name !)

Birthday, anniversary or event that the three is honoring: ( the event you may wants the tree be planted)

We Need Trees by Mohammad Tajeran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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