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Mohammad Tajeran
From :  Iran
Born :   July , 15 , 1976
1990 The beginning of sports activity in cycling for 10 years.
2000 The beginning of mountain climbing for 5 years.
Climbing to some 4000 meter mountains.
Climbing to the top of Mountain Damavand with about 5671 meters high.
A member of mountain rescue team( Iranian red crescent sosiety)
A member of Pracownia na rzecz Wszystkich Istot
A member of Azadegan Mountain Club.
Being active in Tourist Bicycling for 8 years.
Having Batchelor Degree in mechanic.
Tourist cycling guide in Iran .
Active in mount climbing , caving , Tourist cycling and photography.
Email: malan1445@yahoo.com
Skype: weneedtrees.com
Personal writings : www.bikaraneha.blogspot.com

A dream to cycle around the world
I have been dreaming of to cycle around the world for almost all my                       
childhood and teenage time, but studying in univesity and working
in indastrial field pushed me away from my dream.
An inituation in mountain while I was training to climb mt Pobeda shocked me back to my lifetime dream and a couple of more dreams at nights made me think of the old dream again.
After almost a year and half I set off for my dream, in between I was learning English and collecting information and of course training hard to get ready. ( below this page you can find a more detailed story of that for whom who are interested)
In December 2006 I started a journey around the world on bicycle.
My plan was to cycle around the world and plant some symbolic trees
along the way but I had the idea of to stablish an NGO to educate people in different places around the world.
I think education is the only way we can save our beautiful planet, but I had no idea how to do that.
In the beggining I began to plant a symbolic tree wherever I was passing through but I found it a bit useless. then I strarted to plant trees in school with kids and finally inThailand a little girl gave me the idea of making workshops in schools and talk to kids. since over I have been holding workshops in more than 60 schools in 18 countries and now the NGO is going to start its work.

The way I travel
I do believe our heart can hear the voices in univers, so as long as we follow our hearts, we will be guided to the right place, so I usually have no plan and I just go as it happens. I take no information with me, no guide book or so…no matter where to go!! wherever I go it would be a new place and new things to learn and discover. so I dont miss anything.
I wont organize anything for coming days. when they come I will find out what to do.

The way I found this path of life
Here is a very detailed story of my life from when I had inituation in mountain till when I left home

-It was in the evening of a day in Fall in 2004. Everywhere was so colorful and I was surprised as always to be in mountain gazing on the trees and their colored leaves.
Hussein ( my mountaineering trainer ) asked us to leave our bags in the camp and run to the top.
We were doing some training as we had a plan to climb Mount Khan Ten Geri (7010m) and Pobeda (7430 m)which are located in Pamir region.
after almost 2 years having hard trainings and passing some very difficult climbing in winter or so in Iran we were very close to pull out 12 person from many who were trying to be qualified for that expedition.
It was fasting month Ramadan…some were fasting including me. We had some very light classes on the rocks and after that we moved to foot hill where there is few walnut trees spread around in a vast area with a small river and some springs. It is the beginning of a river to the Southern face of Binalood range in North East of Iran where I live.
After breaking our fasting we left everything in camp and we walked for top. He was pushing us to run.
after about 500m and just on the first hill we were passing suddenly I felt a huge amount of energy surrounding me , I was stuck..I couldn’t even move nor run. My legs were not supporting me to continue and my feet were stick to the ground. I felt so heavy and I just was behind the team. I couldn’t follow them and the distance between was getting longer and longer. Hussein came back to push me walk….no way. We had an argue and he was so angry with me. In fact in technical skills I was in the quarter end of team but physically I was in the first quarter. But that time was something different. Finally I left team and sat on a bolder facing to the vast pasture which eyes cant reach it to the end at night. Moon was rising from distance ..it was full moon I think or a few nights before or past as it was so big and bright.
I couldn’t understand anything, just such a strong feeling making a big pressure on my heart.  It was quiet and I was impact by the power of silence…looking at distance, at moon and at thousands of lights all spread in the valley. Oh GOD what it is? I couldn’t find out anything. I couldn’t even think. I just pulled out my cell phone and dialed home…my mum was there and unusually I spoken to her.” Hey mum I feel everything is changing in my life. I feel a big change ahead but I know nothing about it. I have to do something but what? I have no idea where I am going, what I am going to gain!!! Mum..the only thing I know is: it would be too hard to reach to the start point so please pray for me to be success “ . she was absolutely confused what I was talking about..I felt she is too worried about me .
I came back to the camp before my friends return and I squeezed to my sleeping bag and slept before I had to face with Hussein.
The journey has began since over to the outer life as I was traveling inside since 1994.
When I was studying in university I was famous for my luck. My friends were telling me “ you don’t need to pass any exam…just go and write your name, you will get the mark” and it was all about just fun and I didn’t try to realize why all they happen.
I was having many true dreams and feelings but they always were such a fun for me and I never paid enough attention to them till I read a book from Paulo koilo called alchemist. In that book I found that I should pay more attention to my dreams and my feelings..they are telling something.
I had to bring everything’s together to find out what that feeling is about and where I have to go and of course what I have to do.
How I can find it? It was a big question ahead. I looked back to my life as always it is a way to dig out something. I was traveling inside and in that moment actually my body was giving birth…my spirit was getting born to the new life, to free space and it was going to fly and that feeling was the struggle of a pregnant women giving birth…alone at night under moonlight and alone in the nature on the rock where that spirit is belong to” The Nature”.
The spirit didn’t know anything about the outer life, it was confused for a long while, for almost 6 months till when it found where it has to go.
everything was unknown for it.  People, technology, life, …the only thing it knew was nature and the road. Nature was the place it has come from and the road was a place calling it since a long time.
I didn’t know why always I was stunned by the road…I didn’t know why whenever I was on the road I was feeling like a baby in her/his mother hands.
I should find the connection between my feelings and I had to look back to my life..
I already knew why I have good luck and why I feel calm and relax in my life and from when it has started. It was the key, I had to just follow it to find out where I have to go and what I have to do.
In that time I had my own business, my own office and making some money which was a quite good.
The first step to find my way was trying to feel something and try to open my heart to receive something from universe. It was too hard to gather everything  and sort them out.
I started with my dreams and my major parts of life. Business, family and mountaineering were the ones I had them in my list first.
About business…just a month after I opened the office I had a dream” my friend and I were getting in to the office…he went in but when I was going to get it the door disappeared, I tried for window and it also disappeared…then I tried the air conditioning channel  and it also disappeared.” For me it was like that is not my place but I had done lots of effort to open it and it was hard to close it like that…it also brought me some social prestige which I was feeling so good for that. “ Ohhh no I am not going to do that” and it took me a year to realize that there is no other way..I have to come out from that business and I had to trust that dream.
still didn’t know the meaning of the change and I didn’t find out anything…just I started to follow my feelings and I knew it will take me somewhere.
as I wrote before I was traveling inside for almost 10 years just discovering myself. I already new there is something I shouldn’t go for them. Business was one of them and also regarding to my dream it couldn’t be that change.
within that 10 years I found that “ The is a reason for every creation. Everyone comes to this world fro a reason….we are allowed to do what we like. I can follow my business, do sport, go for art or etc. but universe has not to support me in any way I take. When I find the corn of my creation and I follow it, then I will be a part of nature and synchronized with the universe…in that way I don’t need to do anything…it will take me and I will have all supports from universe…I am the universe then.”
so I had to look in places that I had support from universe. It was a big step ahead to find out my way.
In many ways I already had put my desires is test to see if there is any positive response or not and in some other cases I had to try them to see if they are mine or not?
After all these circumstances and dreams at first I should do something on my business.
it was not easy at all to ruin what I have tried hardly to build it. Still didn’t know where I am going to just I knew that business is not longer my place and I couldn’t wait for the right thing to come. I should ruin it for the right thing to grow and to make it happen….I knew that as long as I wait, nothing will happen…I have to move. But still not easy.
I had a short trip with my friend who was my partner in the company ( he is architecture and I was! Mechanic engineer ) to the north of Iran where Caspian sea has a vast and long side fron East to the west.
we went to the heart of Mazandaran forest  in Ziarat village and then we went to Bandar Turkmen.
in all those days I was just thinking of every single opportunity or possibility of my target. I was going to make a hard decision. I needed help and no one could give me a hand except nature which is myself.
in Bandar Turkmen I went to the water…it was not very deep. 150m to the water and the depth is just about 1m. it was so calm with no wave and sun was just in front of my eyes  far in the sea. a very light breath was touching my face. It was cool and pleasant but my heart was not calm at all. I started to get calm and relax…looking at sun with closed eyes. Just I was feeling its light and the sound of waves on the right and left very smooth.
I asked the sun please help me…I asked the sea please help me.” What I can do? I am going to ruin my business, what will happen? Just a very strong wave came and hit my chess and pushed me back for few steps. Again everywhere calm and again just the sound of light breath on the water. No..No it is not my answer, I am not on my feet..I need a lighter and bigger sign.” I asked the sun, and sea” please talk to me, please use words ..I am not in the situation I can listen to the signs…please talk to me clearly” again another strong wave hitting my chess and again few steps back and again everything calm and quiet. No more wave and just the sound of light breath on the water.
I opened my eyes…sun was still in the same point giving the Earth its light and warmth and sea was the same as before. Just it seems they were laughing, when I was crying the same why of a mother laugh when her small kid cry for facing something new and strange. Her laugh means don’t worry, nothing wrong, nothing is threatening you, I am here….don’t worry baby.
the decision was going to take a place. I turned to the land and left the water.
on the way back home I told my partner about my decision and he was not happy at all with that. 500km to home and no words passed between.
I made that decision and I paid its price. The price of that was a very long friendship and after I came out from company my friend who was my closest friend for 12 years cut our friendship and still now we don’t have any contact.
Anyway I put step in and the game was began.

it took me few weeks to come out from the company and I sold out my stuff. Just I had a not finished project which I had to finish it. It was almost the end of work and I was happy to receive few thousands dollar after that.

In between I found I have to travel on bicycle…I talked with a friend and he was willing to come with me and very soon we became a team of 5 person. I had no idea about traveling on bicycle and I didn’t know what it means traveling with another 4 person? I didn’t know how difficult Can be that kind of journey? I was almost planner for the team. We had few sessions and we talked about what we can do in our journey? I didn’t want just to travel!!! There should be something to do as well, but my friends mostly wanted just to travel.
The idea of planting trees and “ We Need Trees” came to mu mind itself and I started to let it to grow.
we were preparing for the journey. The frist thing we needed was sponsor. We should look for that and try to find it. And again I was the only one who was trying to find it and going from one company to another and no result.
we set up a website and started to work on it and also we had some cycling training( I was cyclist for 10 years). I was waiting for my project to finish and we were planning to start on may 2005.
I had a standard for myself before we start and we had to reach that standard to start, but my friends were complaining why we don’t start? I should be well prepared, it was going to be my life but I think it was just a journey for them. May arrived and still no sponsor nor reaching to my standard…I postponed it. In July one of our members decide to leave the team and he went to Turkey and Syria on his bike for about 2 months I think. And the other one went for cycling around Europe for 90 days. The forth one told me I am going to run a business and he left the team as well and just 2 of us left, but still no sponsor. At least in that time I knew what to do and I could just follow what I really believe and think which was good in many ways.

The game was began and I was at the first point of a very hard way….
 My shoulder had an old problem starting in climbing and it was dislocating but it was not so bad and I could manage my works.
Here I think I have to mention about an old friendship with a person who was almost 17 years older than me. I could learn a lot from him and he was very nice and kind but also in the other side he was very tough in some ways. Anyway when I was looking for my own way then I found it too far from his way of life and I had to pull out my feet from that friendship and I had to keep a bit away. Of course there was some misunderstanding. One day he called me to meet him. I went to the appointment place and 2 of our common friends and he started to bit me very hard….directly I went to hospital for my shoulder for an operation.
it was too hard for me and it wasn’t just about pain. I couldn’t believe it. I called my mum and told her I am not coming home tonight and I will stay with a friend but actually I was in hospital. Just in the morning when I went back home my mum saw my hand and she was asking me how you did it?
after 2-3 weeks and when my project was going to finish I was working in the construction building inside a duct doing something on piping system. Again my shoulder got the same problem. My partner send me to hospital but he didn’t wait for me nor he came inside and just asked me do you need any help? And then he was gone. That hospital didn’t have a free bed and I had to catch a taxi for another one with a very painful hand…it was terrible.  Too much pain. I talked to the Dr and he said you cant go for your journey with this hand, you should operate it.
It was Wednesday and his first time for operation was coming Monday. again I should to make  a decision very quick. I knew that operation can be so hard and it will postpone my journey fro few months and also it will bring me some limitation in my hands movements.  But no choice and I have to do that.
The Monday came and 6 hours operation and after that I found this hand even cant be fine for at least 8 months. It was too much for me and I couldn’t tolerate it. It was too hard.
one month after operation I started Physiotherapy. My saving gone but I was happy that I will receive some money from my project and I can at least afford for my treatment. It was the most important thing in that time.

I remember it was Friday that I went to the owner of project who was my friend from university. Unfortunately my ex partner had given some bad comment to him about me and some misunderstandings …he told me that he is not going to pay me even a dollar. When I came out from his office I had just less than one dollar in my pocket and I just walked back home..all the way I was thinking about my treatment and the money I needed for that.

I stopped Physiotherapy from next day because I couldn’t afford it any more. The only way left for me was  going to gym. I was doing sport for long time in my city, so I could use of Physical education gym for free which was so good.

my life without money started and it last for one year.
my job was going to gym everyday 9:30 in the morning till 13:30 and going to inside rock climbing salon in the evening. Stil I had too much pain and my hand didn’t have aqny power and its movement was so limit. I was the one that every one was making a joke on me. Always I had to ask them to help me to stretch my shoulder in gym or rock climbing salon. In that time I just could use of my bicycle for transport and even I couldn’t afford for bus which is too cheap in Iran.

mean time I started to learn English as well.  I started with a  private teacher and my classes were 22-23:30 and 2 or 3 times a week.
my girlfriend also was helping me in some way. She was so happy that I am going to travel but after my hands operation and delaying for starting the journey she became upset and gradually she splited up from our relation. She was telling me that I am just talking and talking and there is no determination to start and I just want to get rid of life responsibilities. And etc…. anyway after a while she preferred to do not continue and I even lost my relationship.

I was totally down in that time…such a very hard time and not even a single sign of improvement. No money, no health …how I could think of cycling around the world? It was stupidity, the words all my friends was using it when they were talking to me.
my situation even got worth than that. I remember there was few nights that after my English class I missed night bus and I had to wait another 45min for the next one in a chilly weather of winter time sitting in iron seats. I had to change the bus to go home and even sometimes I couldn’t afford for the second bus ticket which is just 6 cents.  I had to walk home and sometimes I could reach home around 1:30 in the morning. I was keeping to look at street when I walk, may be I could find a bus ticket or a small money. And just few months before that I was the owner of my company and in my last project 20 person working for me and now….

8 months after operation my shoulder was getting better and I could lift weight with it and it was going to become more stronger. One night I went to run around soccer field. In that night trainer of rock climbing didn’t come and my friends all came to the field for running. I asked them to do some activity . I asked them to run one after another and bend in a line, so the last one had jump of all backs and when he passed the first one he starts running and jumping from thers back and when the line finished he will be the next piece of chain and this circle will continue like a chain.
after a first round I was jumping from the back of last person of the line that my hand stuck in his shirt and I fell down. The same hand broke from the elbow.
I just wanted to cry…. I took my bike and went home with a broken hand. I had pain but no money to go to hospital . I waited at home for 2 days for my brother to come and ask him for 15$ to fix my hand. Of course my brother paid it but the way he was looking at me was such a shame for me….his eyes were telling me “ Hey guy look… you are mechanic engineer, you had your own company and you were making a good money and now!!! Look at your friends!! They are all having a comfortable life and they are growing. But you…”
it was too hard specially that I had to stop my activities and my shortened muscles which I had to do stretch everyday will be back to same point as it was after operation…8 months hard working is gone..

I have to admit that when I was going back home on bicycle with a broken hand for 5 min I really gave up…but it didn’t last more than 5 min. I told myself hey Mohammad “ this is another place to test your determination, be strong and continue…you shouldn’t give up”

again from the next day with a fixed arm I took my bicycle and rode to the gym which was about 10km from my home. Still I could sit on bicycle inside the gym or do some training with my legs. I had to stay in that mood and continue.

In between I was also looking for sponsor but no result.
Let me have a flash back to the time around 3 months after my shoulder operation.
one day my mother and sister went to Tabas ( a city in desert of Iran ). On the way back I went to bus station to pick them up. I saw a couple from Switzerland that the man was had some problem in his leg and couldn’t walk properly.
there was many guy who wants to sell them hotel, transport and actually wanted to cheat them. I told them please don’t go with them..I will find you a place to stay and they easily could trust me as my family were in their bus and they were sitting just next to each other.
we came home to have a drink and my mother started to cook something for dinner. I asked them how many days are you going to stay in Iran? Their answer was 2-3 days. And then I told them you can stay with us if you don’t mind. So Margaret Ferroni and Luis Bokhud were our guests for 3 days.

And now…a year after and still no money for traveling. Just I had a dream that made me confident.
The dream was : I saw many red fishes  stuck in a place like cabinet. I took them and put them in my bag to bring them to release. I took them to the sea…a very beautiful sea which was too far from home. It was the other side of the earth. On the way back I saw a guy who came and gave me some money…I told him what is that? And he answered do your job, I have to pay for you.

That dream was a very clear sign for me that I wont have a problem for money just I needed to have a sign or feeling to start.
one day I felt that I have to start. I called the last friend and told him I am going to start. He asked for sponsor and money and for sure my answer to him was negative. I told him that I am going to start without money and he said” NO I cant come when we have no money” and it was time for me to become totally alone.
But in that time I was already enough strong to do not be upset by his answer. I already knew what I am going to do and I knew I wouldn’t have any problem and just I had to found out the right time.
days were passing one after another and still I was waiting…I easily could feel it, I could feel that the darkness is going to finish and I was a quite excited for that but still there was a question which was how?
within that year I was just struggling myself to continue..I had my internal determination but I also had sometimes I couldn’t keep myself standing on feet and I sometimes were down and were going to get disappointed but in every single time I had that feeling there was a sign from GOD for me, or someone gave me a hope for support. Lately I knew all those are not true and non of them could happen but I just followed them to have strength and just to keep going on. They were all like a imagination of a lake in distance in the desert…you know that it is just a picture and there wouldn’t be  water then, but it just help you to keep going.

The poem
there is again talk about passing time, passing moments.
Time is impatience to move
there is again talk about movement and patience.
Tonight I don’t know that I can begin from where; I am so tired, tired and alone.
I see myself within the dried desert. You think there is no way; everywhere has same color and it has color of loneliness.
I searched everywhere, there was no way.
Everything is seems like mirage.
I am tired, very tired ….I don’t know which power move me ….I don’t know which thing keep me hopeful.
There were a little hope from distance several times that moved me, but all of them were mirage.
There are some spectators who have just soil, dust and loneliness in their eyes horizon.
So many of them are behind me and they all ask me to return.
I look back for a moment …I see greenness, and shadow .I see water, tree and others in pleasant due having everything.
There is just a step to their world. Just I have to back a step.
I look at their world carefully, due to I have to choose.
There is 2 ways. I am tired of the way that I am on and the other side is water, shadow and pleasant.
I doubt for a moment……I look at their world again …..There is everything.
But whatever that I search; I can’t see sky….their worlds roof is too short and their stars are reachable.
But it is true that I am in desert, but it has high sky and its high is as high as GOD…full of color and light.
My GOD the sound so invite me to move and patience.
I am thirsty….but I don’t see anything except mirage in front.
There is still a whisper from back “return Mohammad…doesn’t loss your life’s chances …return Mohammad”
My GOD “when I stepped to this way that I trusted to you …so I will trust to you….so I will move under your care and I will follow “
I know that I won’t be alone
I know that GOD will help me
These moments will pass like other hard moments
Mohammad be patient that the end of this way is lightness
Follow …..

one night when I was totally down and in fact I was going to give up I had a dream. In the morning I was feeling good. I opened a book which is “Divan Hafez” and flipped and the text was about :

The Poem of Hafez

I was so happy…I staid in bed for an hour thinking of that poem. In regard of the relation I have with that book I knew something is going to happen. There was peace and calmness in my heart and enthusiasm which I could feel it with whole my being. I felt my soul is free and light and it is time to fly to my outer world. My journey was going to begin.
I woke up and after having breakfast I opened my mailbox …I had an email from Margaret Ferroni  telling me she has read my weblog and she has seen my pictures. She know I am very determined to start my journey and they want to give me a hand to start. But in the other side they were worry about my mum and my shoulder. So she asked me what my mum is thinking about my journey and how is my shoulder. I talked to mum and she said” You are going to do it and no one can stop you…so what is important for me and I am asking you is just to be human as a human being has to be. Just to try to live and treat people as a true human being has to do, just to follow what GOD asking us. and in the end please take a good care of yourself and go for your dream .”
I passed her answer to Margaret and after a week I had 500$ in my pocket.
I knew that I need money enough just to get out from Iran and the rest will be taken care of. So I had that money…and it was time to prepare to leave. I told my friends that I am going to start after a month.
One of my friend suggested me to hold an exhibition of my pictures and sell some pictures and have some more money to start.

Then I started preparing for the exhibition, but in fact I didn’t have enough money even to print them. I asked a photo gallery in Mashhad for sponsorship and he did some help. Days were passing by and I was excited…it was a new life which was blown to my body. I could  move and even run for things..now I had something to work for, something special I could do effort for and I knew I am on my way. Life was getting more and more beautiful.
when my friends saw I am really serious to start they began to help. Many of came to help for photo exhibition and it was a nice start.
 I could sell some photos then and I collected almost another 500$. But still I had a lot to buy, my stuff were not complete and I needed a lot. Some of my friends came and gave me something….I remember when  I was preparing I met 2 Swedish cyclist on the road to my city. It that time I was looking fro information and contact with cyclist and it was a good chance for me to meet 2 of them in person. I stopped them and after a short conversation I helped them to find their way and after that I was in with them for almost 8 days. I took them to mountain, invited them for some parties and we had few times lunch or dinner at my home.
They left Iran for Turkmenistan and just after a week I received an email from them telling me”hey Mohammad, we saw your stuff but you don’t have a proper tent. So we have an extra back home and we already asked our friend to send it to you. You will have it soon and enjoy your tent in your journey”
Universe has come along and I already knew that I am on the river floating and this river is taking me to the ocean.  I knew that things are going to happen and I am about to leave.
Just then some of my friends gathered and they showed their interest to help me financially and also officially. I told them : the important thing for me is to do this journey and establish an organization for WE NEED TREES to continue promoting planting trees after I finish this journey”
But in fact it was something different for them, they wanted to help Mohammad Tajeran to cycle around the world but I knew I have support  from universe and I don’t need that. I was concern about the project more than my journey what others couldn’t understand.
anyway we made a supporting team what after a year disappeared and people got involved with their social life and non of them are available now because Mohammad don’t need help anymore but still the project needs help and they were supporting Mohammad’s journey not the project.
I specified a day to start which was December 2th. It was birthday of our 8th religious leader whose tomb is in my town.
the first difficulty I was facing with was the way I could carry money. Iran is under UN sanctions and no bank in Iran is connected to the world. So I couldn’t have Master or Visa card or any others I could use to get money from ATM.
The only way was through a bank in Cypress which I could do it in Iran but I had to have 2000EUR deposit.
Days were counting down and I was very close to start. My mother began to show her stress and her worries. I was not feeling that I am belong to that place anymore…I had nothing behind. No job, no money, my girlfriend already split up for a couple of months and  my mind was totally free.
it was the first time in my life I could experience such a feeling like that. So light to fly, so free.
I could see myself on the road and slow days were getting faster and faster ….still I had a lot to provide. I remember one day in the morning I was thinking about a stove what still I didn’t have and it was 150$ which was a lot when I had such a small money.
But in the same day I went to a friends shop to see outdoor stuff. There was a wonderful stove, an Optimus what I was looking for. I think my friend could find that feeling through my eyes or even through my heart vibration. He asked me hey Mohammad what has remained from the list you need to provide and I told him stove. He just took it and gave it to me. Even I told him I cant accept it..he just insisted, finally I told him “ ok thank you very much but just still I don’t know exactly when I start, so let me come here a day or two before start to take it”  and replied” who knows…I may not be alive then. Now I am alive and available…so just take it now”  many thanks to him for that wonderful stove and also for the feelings he made on me….things were getting alright and I was in synchronize with universe.
what I needed were coming. Even just 2 days before I left home my friends came and each one gave me a small support but in total it was 2000Eur that I needed for Bank deposit to have master card so I could put that deposit but I had just 300 more bocks in my pocket.
last night was full of silence and peace for me. Full of joy…I was going to start. Next day was December 2th and also it was a holy day in my religion. My city is famous for its shrine and it was the anniversary of birthday of that religious leader and many pilgrims come to my city then.
As I was doing sport for a long time the president of physical education of Khorasan( my province) set up a gathering for goodbye speech. It was fantastic..more than 150 of my friends came over and for the first time I had a nice feeling to be within people after a long time. Now it was time to proud. I was happy and in the other hand it was so good for my mother to be within that population to see their supports for my journey. I think it could bring her more confidence and comfort for coming days…even though it was too much for her. For the first month of my journey she couldn’t even speak on the phone but later on she got used to.
after a goodbye picture I jumped on my bike and left everyone behind.
I should go to Zahidan which is border of Pakistan. I didn’t want to cycle in Iran…I just was to impatient to leave the country and start my journey. Also it was good for my mother as well. I should make it once and just cut everything. I am not type of person who play with things…I have to do very quick.
I took a bus for Birjand”half  way to Zahidan” which is also where my mum has come from and all her family are living there. I had 2 days time there to say goodbye my relatives and then took another bus to Zahidan.
my cousin accompanied me to Zahidan and I could feel that how the number of people around me are decreasing. Started with many people in Mashhad then continued with few in Birjand and now I had just one beside.
I had a short stop in Zahidan for 2 nights and then I took a taxi to the border…I was totally alone and no one left.
I arrived around 11am. After custom check I was in Taftan…out of Iran on the road. with no fear and no sorrow.

We Need Trees by Mohammad Tajeran is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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